“SkyView provided me with exactly what I needed to sell my storage facility. Their comprehensive understanding of the sales process and their empathy for my anxiety in selling my facility assured me of a successful sale. Whenever a question or uncertainty on my part arose, they were prompt to answer their phones and give me the answers that I needed. They do what they say they will do in a professional manner. Ryan, Carrie and Trent were focused on my success.”

– Bob M.
Previous Owner

“You guys did a wonderful job creating value on our portfolio, getting us through the process, and we truly appreciate all of your professional efforts these last few months. Thanks for sticking with us and representing our interests.”

– Greg B.
Previous Owner

“SkyView Advisors’ process made sure that we did not leave money on the table. We had fielded direct offers in the past, but they were all much lower than the final sales price we received. Additionally, we had tried to work with other brokers, but they seemed to work for the buyer not for us. SkyView was the first brokerage that was on our side and worked with me to make sure that we got to the closing table. We are so thankful for how easy SkyView made the whole process by being thorough and keeping us constantly in the loop.”

– Sandy and Bill Cook
Previous Owner

“SkyView Advisors did a fantastic job representing me in the sale of my property, Rainbow Mini Storage, in Tampa, Florida. My family had owned this property since it was built, and so it was important that I received the highest price and best terms for Rainbow or it wasn’t worth selling. I had a direct offer from my management company when I started talking to SkyView Advisors, but upon doing an evaluation I was informed that my property was worth much more. Without the competitive environment SkyView Advisors was able to create, I would have made less money and been stuck waiting for a transaction to possibly maybe close sometime in the future. With SkyView Advisors, their fee structure guaranteed that they would fight hard to get me the best terms and highest price for my asset.”

– Daniel Cole
Previous Owner

“SkyView Advisors worked incredibly hard to tightly control the process from marketing to close. It was important to us to develop a long-term relationship with a company that would work closely and cohesively with our team to achieve the best results, and SkyView Advisors exceeded our expectations. Their fee is nominal compared to the value they provide in making sure that the marketing process is competitive and the closing goes smoothly.”

– Michele Perry
Harbor Lighthouse Self Storage

“SkyView Advisors’ process ensured that I received the most competitive offers on my property. Their marketing methods were both professional and aggressive which created value. They remained calm and objective during the key negotiation points, and helped me see the “big picture” and keep the end goal in mind. I would not hesitate to refer SkyView Advisors to anyone looking to sell or buy self-storage facilities because their process works.”

– Steven Sheaf
Previous Storage Owner

“I had attempted to sell the property before to no avail. SkyView Advisors helped me set reasonable expectations on the value of the property and market it professionally to qualified buyers.  Other brokers did not have the same persistence or forthrightness that you both consistently displayed in the selling of my property. Additionally, during the closing process we had several bumps in the road. Jay helped us tremendously by continuing to move the process along no matter what we came across. They maintained a level of excellence from the beginning all the way through to the end that went above and beyond.”

– Prativ Patel
Previous Storage Owner

“Throughout the valuation and transaction process, I felt well represented and that my best interests were being looked after. You took the time to understand the partnerships goals and objectives, and you helped us achieve them.”

– Jeff Marchell
Issa® Homes, Inc.

“Your methodical, systematic approach helped drive the value of our asset and ensured that we successfully closed the transaction. In our interactions with your team, we found everyone to be utmost professional, and we felt that you always had our best interests in mind. You kept us informed at each step in the process, and you were diligent in responding to our questions and the buyer’s questions along the way. When the first buyer failed to perform in a timely manner, you were ready with another buyer who was prepared to complete the transaction.”

– Seth Spiegal
Asset Manager
Rialto Capital Management LLC

“The professional approach the team showed was appreciated throughout the entire transaction. Their ability to maintain control over the marketing process is what allowed us to achieve outstanding results. In fact, one day prior to going to market, your team suggested I raise the Offering Price. This suggestion was based upon real time market information that you gathered, and as a result, I netted significantly more money at closing.”

– Walter Zaremba
Chief Executive Officer
Zaremba Group

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