6 Common Self-Storage Investment Myths

Self-storage has been among the most steadily growing U.S. American industries for more than 40 years, and its expansion is predicted to continue through the remainder of this decade. As with other business investments, a self-storage facility can provide an income stream, employment independence, equity and appreciation, and tax benefits. However, before you embark on buying a […]

The Most Common Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling Their Self-Storage Property

Sometimes owners make serious mistakes in selling self-storage businesses that result in large losses of their rightful profits on their long-term investments. After years of building their businesses into strong successes, and looking forward to ultimately collecting a good return, they end up learning the hard way that selling a business is not as easy a proposition as it may seem. […]

5 Reasons a Transaction Falls Apart During the Contract Period

A commercial real estate transaction is complex. It is important you have the right people in your corner to help you through every step of the process. This is the reason why the best brokers choose to have a dedicated Transaction Management Department. There are several reasons a transaction falls apart during the contract period.

Selling Self-Storage Property: Should You Hire a Broker?

Experienced self-storage owners and prospective buyers, from independent property owners and buyers to the REITs, are increasingly opting to use brokers. Sellers use brokers in order to achieve the maximum value for their facility, to expose their facilities to a broader audience and to handle all the details of selling their businesses. A good broker will have an abundance of industry […]