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Investing in Underperforming Self-Storage Properties: Finding Your ‘Diamond in the Rough’

Written by: Noel Cain, Senior Vice President, Debt & Equity Group The self-storage industry is growing rapidly, and new investors are popping up every day. Many of them are starting fresh, with no experience in the industry. They’re looking for an easy investment to put more cash in their pockets. One way to make a […]

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The Evolving Landscape of Real Estate Taxes and Self Storage

Written by: Steve Hung, Chief Operating Officer Real estate taxes are one of the trickiest aspects of a transaction. Governing laws differ state to state and sometimes even county to county. A transaction’s effect on taxes can “make or break” even the most appealing deal. It has been reported that self storage REITs are anticipating […]

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Market Impact of New Construction SSA Spring 2017 Speech

Couldn’t make it to the SSA Spring Conference & Trade Show? Click below to hear our speech from the show. Jay Crotty and Ryan Clark discussed the effect that new construction has on the market. This speech gives real-time case studies of how values are impacted in markets with new construction, discusses the changing dynamics of […]

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Volatility in the Debt Market: What does this mean for commercial real estate?

The recent election has had a big affect on the economy.  More specifically, there is currently a lot of uncertainty to the commercial real estate banking world. There are a number of regulatory issues staring lenders in the face. CMBS bankers were juggling with how to deal with new risk retention rules which resulted in […]

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